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Almadina institute of Medical sciences affiliated BISE (Board of Intermediate Secondary Education Peshawar, (FPMA) Faculty of Paramedical and Allied Health Sciences Peshawar which aims to produce the most competent and knowledgeable medical and Para-medicals for meeting the growing demands of technical manpower of the country. The college’s mission is to perform scientific research and provide with quality health services to the sick and the needy.

The College is committed to obtain the highest academic place among all the medical colleges/ institute in the country by enriching the inquisitive minds of its students with the latest research findings and most up-to-date and advanced scientific knowledge and information on the Medical & Nursing subjects. Our aim is to leave no stone unturned in making itself one of the finest and the most advanced medical colleges of the country.

The College not only equips its students with adequate latest medical and scientific skills and know-how on the subject for performing successfully their duties but also has its mission to nourish and nurture its students in such a way that they always remain benevolent, compassionate and sympathetic to their patients while performing their professional duties.

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All students of Faculty of paramedical and allied health sciences are informed that your Exam will start from 27 September 2022


  • Interview Date: 06/09/2022
  • interview time: 2 O’clock pm

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